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Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why at EM Wholefoods we keep things simple, natural and fresh. We carefully source ingredients that are organic (where sustainable), locally grown, plant-based and free from nasties.

Boost and maintain that healthy lifestyle the convenient way. With our delicious pre-mixed puddings and shakes it’s easy to swap refined foods for healthy, natural alternatives. Create more nutritious meals by easily adding our products to your favorite dishes. Check out our recipes to see how we do it.

We're passionate about supporting our Australian farmers and growers and working towards more sustainable practices that benefit humankind and the planet.


At EM Wholefoods, we’re all about getting the simple stuff right. For us, that means sourcing top-quality ingredients and maximising the nutritional value of every product. After experiencing a lack of quality in the market, we set out to produce our own range of health foods, including organic, Australian-grown, chemical-free and non-GMO options. We’ve been nourishing individuals and communities with real food since 2011, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Australian Grown

Chia Seeds


Certified Organic

Green Leaf Stevia


Australian Grown

Hemp Protein Powder


Australian Grown

Hemp Seed Oil


Australian Grown

Hulled Hemp Seeds

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