Keeping the Oldies Healthy!

Hemp Oil Capsules

Senior Health Revolution

Senior Health is something quite close to our hearts. Seniors are an untapped resource of knowledge, wisdom and leadership. We are all arguably living amongst a generation of followers, many consumed with devices and instant gratification. One just has to walk through a local shopping mall, observe postures of many, not just children, young adults, Mums and Dads, for the most fixated on their phones or other. Not a pretty site. 

We all need positive direction. What better than a healthy upright senior. The Media says we are living longer. Appears to be true, but at what price? One may ask is dependency on modern medicine a good thing?

Perhaps better to invest in your own health.

T12  are connecting with people such as Annie Hewitt see sharing the good news of healthy plant based eating and fitness, primarily targeted at Seniors.

This is not an attack on meat & dairy consumption, each to their own, we all have choices in life. As always there are consequences to an action, some positive some negative, exploring plant based foods for many simply works.

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